A significant part of our revenue comes from the collection and processing of non-ferrous metal waste. We primarily collect and manage waste generated by metalworking companies and companies engaged in the metals industry, the machine and vehicle repair industrial sector, farms, companies engaged in building structure demolition, small companies and private residents.

A substantial part of the collected waste is delivered to our plants by our own vehicles, and upon request we provide container installation, as well.

For the weight measuring, qualification and acceptance of materials we use 60-tonne scales and several small certified digital scales.

Mixed copper
Tinned copper
Insulated copper cables (based on % of copper content)
Mixed brass
Mixed copper for refrigerators
Mixed copper chips
Skinned cables
Non-painted aluminium (pipe, profile, sheet)
Painted aluminium (pipe, profile, sheet)
Aluminium casts
Aluminium offset sheets (rota)
Drink cans
Venetian blinds
Thermal bridges
Aluminium chips
Aluminium and copper parts of refrigerators
Aluminium parts of refrigerators
Insulated aluminium cables (based on % of aluminium content)
Zinc (iron- and tar-free)
Lead-acid batteries
Acid-proof chips
Electric motors

Our plants

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