The collection and processing of iron and steel waste constitute the key activities of Steel-Metál Ltd. A significant part of the collected steel waste is delivered to our plants by our own vehicles, and on request we provide container installation, as well. We primarily collect and manage waste generated by metalworking companies and companies engaged in the metals industry, the machine and vehicle repair industrial sector, farms, companies engaged in building structure demolition, small companies and private residents. For the weight measuring, qualification and acceptance of materials we use 60-tonne scales and several small certified digital scales.

New sheet waste
New galvanized sheet
Dosable iron +8mm
Non-dosable iron +8mm
Dosable iron 3-6mm
Non-dosable iron 3-6mm
Breakable iron cast
Dosable iron cast (300x300mm)
Architectural cast
Chrome steel
Steel sheet
Household washing machines, cookers
Small household appliances
Complete/incomplete refrigerators
Electric water heaters
Steel chips
Tangled cables
Original catalytic converters
Post-manufactured catalytic converters
Derelict vehicle – issuing destruction certificates

Our plants

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