Complex consultancy services in the waste management area

Waste management consultancy:

  • revision of the waste management systems of companies and legal compliance verification,
  • establishment and revision of waste inventory systems and preparation of declarations in accordance with regulatory requirements,
  • preparation of waste management plans, waste management regulations,
  • preparation of a material balance

We assist our Clients in all environmental procedures.

Upon request, we manage the authorization process and issue acceptance declarations.

Waste declaration:

Professional consultancy services, preparation of a complete waste inventory and annual waste declarations.

Noise measurement:

Instrumental measurement of environmental noise and noise emission:

According to the following regulations:

  • Government Decree No. 284/2007(29 Oct) on certain rules of protection against environmental noise and vibration
  • Joint Decree No. 27/2008. (3 Dec) KöM-EüM of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment on the establishment of noise and vibration limit values
  • Decree No. 93/2007. (18 Dec) KvVM of the Ministry of Environment and Water Management on the establishment method of noise emission limit values and the method of noise and vibration emission control
  • MSz 18150/1. “Examination and evaluation of environmental noise.”

Measurement of the level of workplace noise and light conditions:

According to the following regulations:

  • Decree No. 66/2005. (22 Dec) EüM of the Ministry of Health on the minimal health and safety conditions related to employees exposed to noise
  • Decree No. 3/2002. (8 Feb) SZCSM-EüM of the Ministry of Social and Family Affairs and the Ministry of Health on the minimum requirements for health and safety at work

Hazardous wastes:

Collection and pre-treatment of waste generated by locksmith and metalworking companies, the machine and vehicle repair industrial sector, farms, and small businesses.
Transportation service assisted collection of packaging materials, paint residues, and waste contaminated with hazardous materials, derived from surface treatment; furthermore, upon request we install storage containers in accordance with the ADR regulations and replace them on an ad-hoc basis.