According to the user’s request:

  • Production of secondary raw materials manufactured in a quality complaint with the requirements of non-ferrous metallurgy, primarily for non-ferrous metal manufacturers, foundries, wholesalers.
  • Processing operations: shredding, shearing, baling.
  • Preparation for transportation, type of packaging: loose, fixed on the pallet or packed in a big-bag sack.
  • Sales of selected secondary raw materials with a quality verified by an OLYMPUS DELTA metal analyser and classified by our highly qualified colleagues.
Acid-proof Acid-proof
Acid-proof chips Acid-proof chips
Insulated aluminium cables Insulated aluminium cables
Zinc (iron- and tar-free) Zinc (iron- and tar-free)
Tin Tin
Lead Lead
Zamac Zamac
Aluminium skinned cables Aluminium skinned cables
Aluminium casts Aluminium casts
Aluminium parts of refrigerators Aluminium parts of refrigerators
Aluminium and copper parts of refrigerators Aluminium and copper parts of refrigerators
Aluminium offset sheets (rota) Aluminium offset sheets (rota)
Drink cans Drink cans
Aluminium chips Aluminium chips
Aluminium profile Aluminium profile
Aluminium sheets Aluminium sheets
Venetian blinds Venetian blinds
Mixed copper for refrigerators Mixed copper for refrigerators
Painted aluminium, non-painted aluminium pipe Painted aluminium, non-painted aluminium pipe
Mixed copper chips Mixed copper chips
Brass Brass
Bronze Bronze
Insulated copper cables Insulated copper cables
Berry Berry
Millberry Millberry
Mixed copper Mixed copper
Household copper Household copper

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